The Yellow Collection

Brighten your day with the sunny warmth of our Yellow Collection.


Gold Strike

A very fresh bright yellow Rose Gold strike is very famous yellow Rose variety from decade. Its dark golden color and large head makes it perfect for any occasion. Available in stem-length 40-60 cm. Order Gold Strike today from Soex Flora !!!!


Premium Rose with a very big bloom Solaire is a deep yellow Rose which looks like cluster of Sunny flowers with very pretty petals and magnificent opening. You can buy Solaire Roses from Soex Flora in stem-lengths 40-70 cm

Penny Lane

An exquisite shaped True and Deep Yellow Rose symbol of Joy, gladness, and friendship – Penny Lane is one of the very popular variety worldwide due to its beautiful color, long-vase life and high petal count. The stems of Penny Lane are strong and is acknowledged as a reliable variety to work with. Available in length 40 -70 cm year- round at Soex Flora. Order today!!!

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