The Hot Pink Collection

Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm of our Hot Pink Collection.


Pink Rhodos

Incredible and unique shade of Premium Pink Platinum variety – Pink Rhodos is equally stunning as Rhodos. It has a large attractive head and expressive shape. Now available at Soex Flora in stem-length 40-60cm


Hot Shot

Hot-Shot – Fuschia Pink Rose Hot-Shot has dark pink petals with raspberry undertones. Beautiful opener with a long vase life Hot-Shot Roses are available in stem length 40-60 cm. Order Hot-Shot from Soex Flora today!!!!


Magenta Pink Shade with appealing clean color from the bud to the bloom Memory is astonishing Rose variety available in the basket of Soex Flora. It has deep green foliage which enhances the overall appearance of this medium to large headed flower.


Adamma – Vibrant and Stunning big headed hot pink Adamma is a true variety of cerise Rose. Its appearance is beautiful and look fascinating in full bloom. Adamma is available at Soex Flora year round in stem-length 40-60 cm


An exclusive Cerise Variety of Rose Poison is a beautiful flower flaunting lovely shade of Pink with closely stacked bud petals which after opening makes flower looks bigger.


No it’s not the famous singer Shakira but yes beautiful and stunning like her. Shakira is a dark pink Rose available in medium to large head-size. It has a nice opening and looks amazing in bloom.

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