The Bi-color Collection

Delight in the stunning contrasts of our Bi-Color Collection.



Contrast – Contrast is an elegant blend of orange colored bottom with tint of Red as toppings making it a perfect Orange-Bi variety. You can buy this beautiful variety from SOEX Flora 365 days a year in stem length 40-60 cm. Order your Roses today!!!!!

High & Magic

Vibrant bi-color rose with burnt Red and rusty orange tones is a focal point in any arrangement. A very stunning one of its kind High and Magic is a very beautiful Yellow-bi Rose. High and magic is available round the year at SOEX FLORA farm in stem-length 40-60 cm.


Gorgeous combination of White and Pink color this Rose variety enhances beauty of every arrangement it becomes part of. Jumilia variety is a very consistent and large headed variety with strong stems. Available in length 40 -70 cm year- round at Soex Flora. Order Jumilia Roses from Soex today!!!


Magnificent combination of tri-colors Orange/Yellow & Red Espana is a large headed thorn less Rose variety with nicely shaped buds that opens impressively slowmaking your arrangements stand for long. Available from Soex Flora in stem length 40-60 cm

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