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Insights Of Flower Industry

Flowers are considered to be the best gift given by mother earth to mankind may be it a good time or a bad time of our lives flower play an integral role in almost all them.

Soex Flora International Flower Growers & Exporters

Whenever or wherever we see the flower we feel fresh and happy irrespective of type of flower it is. We have never heard of or seen flower being ugly. But have we ever thought of hardships and the people involved in bringing this beauty to us?

Floral industry is one of the industries which still depend a lot on manual works (Labor-Intensive Industry). It involves a lot of people at various levels – Growers, exporters, Importers, wholesalers, Retailers, Florists, Designers etc.

Right from the growing of flowers, packing them & making them ready for export till designing a nice bouquet it all requires a lot of thoughts and efforts. We should be grateful to all these people.

International Indian Red Rose Exporters

Next time when you see or gift or buy flowers for yourself don’t, forget to thank the people who have put in efforts in bringing this beauty to you.

Soex Flora grows and exports Premium Quality Fresh Cut Flowers – Roses to its Clients Worldwide including Supermarkets, Flower wholesalers, Florists, Retail flowers shops, Event and Wedding planners, Hotels and Resorts. Place your order today at

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International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair

From decade’s Trade Fair/ Trade Shows are the paramount to offer business opportunities for the companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and service under one roof. Flower trade fairs also has the similar objective with some icings on the cake…… At flower exhibitions it’s not just the gathering of people to meet each other and discuss business however it is also a platform where nature’s beauty can be seen in various unbelievable forms everywhere.

IFTF Soex FloraIt’s just so stunning to see beauty spread all around in different shades and attractive arrangements which leaves long-lasting impressions on the memories of visitors. Every year in the month of November, Netherlands the land of flowers hosts – “International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF)” the most renowned and successful flower exhibition together with the Trade Fair in Flora Holland-Aalsmeer, the world’s largest flower auction. IFTF attracts participants and visitors from all over the world to showcase what best they can deliver.

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This prestigious gathering  attracts participants including but not limited to Cut-flower importer-exporter, Flower breeder, propagators, Flower growers and exporters, Horticultural supplies, Machinery equipment, Irrigation system, Packaging materials, Transportation, Trade fair companies, Cold storage etc.

PageLines- Soex-Flora-Logo.pngSOEX FLORA is a regular participant of IFTF and is the only Indian company representing India at the fair. SOEX Flora showcases its latest products and services at the show every year and has proved to be a trustable brand for Flowers from India. Every year there is something new in the basket of SOEX FLORA to delight its customers with and supplying premium quality flowers around the world. We supply to supermarkets, wholesalers, florists, event companies etc.

Come visit us at IFTF 2015 we will be once again show casing our products at this beautiful trade fair!

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