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Thorn Less Red Roses – Top Secret / Taj Mahal by Soex Flora

Can you believe this – There are roses without thorns?

Congratulate yourself as now we will introduce you to a premium quality deep bright Red Rose variety without thorns. This Rose variety is not just thorn less but also has bigger buds, longer vase life and also beautiful clean foliage.

Thorn Less Red Roses - Top Secret Taj Mahal RosesGet Introduced to Top Secret Roses also known as Taj Mahal Roses – the only thorn less Red variety which has created matchless image and received so much of appreciation across the global flower industry in a very short span of time. Adding to your surprise my friends this variety is developed in India with association of French Breeding Company.

Thorn less Roses are the Roses which either do not have any thorns or have very rare thorns or one-two small thorns under the leaf. These Roses are easy to hold and are easy to arrange hence are preferred by Florists too. Presenting a bouquet of Thorn less Roses to your loved ones will bring to them extra smiles as there are no chances of getting hurt by the notorious Thorns.

SOEX FLORA brings to you TOP SECRET Roses which are exception to the Thumb rule “Every Rose has a Thorn”. Top Secret Variety has created a very significant demand worldwide especially in the high end markets like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan etc. which have now started demanding for this variety a lot.

A bouquet of Top Secret Roses – Symbol of Love is a perfect gift for every occasion. SOEX FLORA cultivates and exports finest quality Roses round the year in stem lengths 40-70 cm and supply to wholesale importers, supermarkets, retail florists and individuals.

Visit today to order premium quality fresh flowers!

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A tribute to the most beautiful woman of our life!

Hey who is the most special woman in your life? We believe the answer will be – the most beautiful woman in each one of our life is our mother. It is said that Love is sweet as a flower if this is true than it its 100% true that mother is that sweet flower of love. What a beautiful saying by Abraham Lincoln – “No man is poor who has a Godly Mother”.

Mothers Day Soex FloraTo pay tribute to the special women of our life – Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries across the world. History of celebrating Mother’s Day takes us back to Greek and Roman civilization where they held festivals in honor of mother Goddess Rhea and Cybele.

Mother’s Day is an annual event celebrated on different dates of Calendar depending on the country and their beliefs. However most commonly it falls on the second Sunday in the month of May and to show their love people present their Mother’s with flowers, cards and other gifts.

With Mother’s Day approaching on 10th of May we are sure you have started ordering for your flower requirements to make the beautiful arrangements for the most special woman in your life. As we all know Roses are integral part of every bouquet and presence of this king of flowers instantly and certainly brings a smile on the face of receiver.

SOEX FLORA brings to you basket filled of different shades of premium quality Fresh Roses to choose from…. The range comprise not only of most preferred Pink and White Roses for the occasion but also Red, Orange, yellow, Cerise, Peach and Bi- Color Roses for retail, wholesale and bulk purchase round the year. We are known for shipping only the best quality fresh cut flowers from India to various parts of the world in customized packaging keeping their freshness alive for longer periods!!!

Just add your personal touch to the bouquet you are gifting to your beloved Mother and enhance the magic of special moment by wishing her Happy Mother’s Day in style with hand-picked beautiful Roses from SOEX FLORA. Order your Roses today from SOEX FLORA!

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